Cavator and Truck



I’d like to send a shout out to Sergeants Septic and Excavating company.I had the most incredible experience with this company getting a large project completed in a very short time and the price was great. Nick Sergeant is one of the most decent people I have met.Thank You Nick and crew, now I can go into winter without any worries.What a great company!!!

Maxine Moose

Excellent customer service. We will be recommending them. It took about an hour to pump and clean the tank.

Debbie Porath Clark

They came and put in our new septic system. It took them less than a day to get it done and my yard looks great. I will have no one else but them to do this type of work for me ever again. .they were very professional and complete.

Sandra Veen

Nick and his crew showed up right on time this morning. Sergeant’s services are fairly priced, the crew is dependable, the staff is friendly and the owner is honest. We highly recommend them.

Jennifer Williams

They redid my leach field in less than a day. That part was great.Sadly they seem to not want to fix the hatch to the tank that was broken when the tank was pumped leaving a 3 foot deep hole next to the house where anyone, including our dog, can fall into.Tried calling and leaving messages regarding this and no one will call me back to fix it.

Kathy Frodis Firestone

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